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WARNING: This post is old. It probably doesn't conform to the layout of the site anymore, and may contain out of date information.

I finally bothered to update this blog!

I bothered to update this ancient thing. Let's see what's been brewed.
Posted in Blog Updates on November 19, 2017 - edited on

With that disclaimer over, let’s get rollin’.


The homepage has been drastically improved. Here’s a pic:

The new homepage.

I felt like the old cards with the image on top were very cluttered. Now, we can show the latest 5 posts with the smaller, condensed cards. That’s when I do somehow make more than 5 posts but

Posts/About me page

You’ve probably noticed the nice new Jumbotron instead of a card. It looks pretty nice doesn’t it? Plus, I’ve added these helpers: .text-drop-shadow-light, text-drop-shadow-dark, box-drop-shadow-dark, and box-drop-shadow-light.

These are helpful helpers that you can see in action right on this page. Here’s a screenshot of a post. Let’s have a more mobile view, why not.

A post on mobile devices.

New font

The font is now the native font stack (which means the font will be your system font) instead of Lato.

Try it out for yourself! Check on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, or whatever other OS you can think of.

That’s it.

Thanks for reading! Check out the sharing thing at the bottom to share it, and subscribe to the blog’s RSS feed or something. Bye!

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